Get on the Softer Side of Edgy-Chic with VC Signature Lace Booties!

January 24, 2013 • By Mary

There’s just something so undeniably sexy and sensual about black lace, don’t you think so? Now, imagine using black lace for an edgy and sleek pair of stiletto ankle booties — isn’t that something worth investing our hard-earned money on?

We checked out Nordstrom and found these gorgeous crochet and lace ankle booties by VC Signature that would surely add something new to your outfit regardless of your personal style and the occasion. You can be feminine or edgy, and still you would want to wear these booties because you can easily see a hint of femininity as well as toughness in both these pairs.

How to wear them? It really depends on your style, but in our opinion, these lace and crochet booties would be better suited for slightly formal events, such as your night-outs and other evening parties. However, you can still opt to wear these during the day if you pair them with a laid-back outfit such as folded jeans or perhaps a loose dress. Check out the following, and see what other outfits and looks you can come up with these must-have pairs!


VC Signature “Paulette” Booties in Black, $495.00


VC Signature “Patricia” Booties in Black, $350.00